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Machinery Movement

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Milford Sound to Invercargill. Invercargill to Tuatapere, and beyond!

While towing is our main service, it isn’t the only thing we do at Central Southland Towing. If you have a large vehicle that can’t be moved easily (or can’t be driven legally on roads), we can help you get it where you need it to go through our machinery movement service. This is ideal for large farm vehicles and other heavy machinery; if we can fit it, we can shift it!

For any kind of large equipment that you need to be moved, feel free to get in touch with us by giving us a call today. And if you have a smaller vehicle like a car, SUV, or ute that can’t move on it’s own for whatever reason or is broken down, our experienced team is happy to help through our towing or emergency breakdown service. We have the quick, friendly, and efficient service you can count on!

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What to expect

Farm equipment relocation

It’s not especially uncommon to see farm vehicles on the road in Southland. But driving them on major roads should only be done for short distances. If you needed to move a tractor from Invercargill to Athol, that would be a very long, very slow ride!

Because of these challenges, we offer machinery movement to help these larger, specialised vehicles get where they need to be with minimal difficulty. Having us move your equipment over long distances can get it there quickly and safely, and our experienced team will take the utmost care to make sure that it is taken care of properly and not damaged.

Heavy equipment breakdowns

Our machinery movement service isn’t just for moving large equipment from one place to another; we can help you in case of breakdowns too. We have several methods to get larger machines that aren’t working properly or that are immobile onto our truck. Once we have it loaded, we can drive the equipment to a repair station or anywhere else you need it to go.

How far can you move the equipment?

We’re happy to move large machinery anywhere in Southland, and a little bit beyond. If you need to get something from Invercargill to Te Anau, we can help. But if you’re looking to move something from Bluff to Nelson, that may be a bit beyond our scope. Feel free to get in touch with us if you aren’t sure; we’ll either be able to help you directly or recommend some other companies who can.

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